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Caleb, Primary Photographer & Film

Caleb created Evoke in 2013 after being pestered by his friends to 'do weddings'. He 'did' weddings and freaking loved them. He aimed to get 5 weddings in his first year. He somehow got 22 in that very first year - from 0!

He found his style very quickly and harnessed his understanding of light and the environment. He now gives talks, writes articles for some of the world's biggest photography websites and judges competitions. When he's not doing weddings, spending time with his family or walking his white wolf-fluffball-thing.


John-Ross, Associate Photographer

John-Ross was a cyborg sent back in time to assassinate Hitler but he got the year and location both wrong so he was found in a broken heap down at Grandes Rocques. I did a bad job of repairing him and now he can only operate a camera rather than the pulse rifle I discovered next to him.

I’ve since sorted out his calendar and GPS so he never misses a wedding. John-Ross told me I could either copy and paste text from his website for this section or write my own version. I promised him I'd write something special for him.


Elliott, Associate

Elliott wins the prize for the most dramatic profile picture but we feel its fitting, as it's a reflection of his work. He came into the marketplace from nowhere and quickly cemented himself as THE pilot for all crucial drone work in Guernsey. But his skills don't end there - he is a black belt in ALL video work!

His investment in similar equipment to the Evoke standard, and a style that fitted perfectly with the Evoke Signature style, has meant that Elliott's integration into the Evoke family couldn't have gone any better.

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