Our work, our style 

It's really important for you to choose a photographer's style that you absolutely love. Therefore, we believe it's essential for you to see our work, and our editing style, right from the get-go. We've included real, full wedding example slideshows that we've delivered to our couples, as well as examples of our various editing styles.

Real Wedding Slideshows
Our capture styles

We're unobtrusive, we let your day unfold and we take a back-seat for the majority. We play our part when we need to.


Stealthy like a Ninja, agile like a Ninja, ensures that we capture everything, without being noticed.


Most photographers hate this part and tell you that they'll just take a few. We love this part, as we're capturing moments for future generations. So we do it well.


We use light to make the most of every situation. We produce imagery that separates us from others.


Many details are unique to your day so we use every moment to preserve them, beautifully. You won't even know we've done it.

Our editing styles
Signature Colour

Our Signature Colour edit provides strong vibrant but very natural colours, clarity and harsh shadows are removed.

Guernsey Wedding Photographer - Evoke Guernsey
Signature Black & White

The Signature Black & White edit provides a strong and punchy filter with harsh shadows removed.

Guernsey Wedding Photographer - Evoke Guernsey
Feature Colour

Our Feature Colours edits provide a stronger punch of colour, often with a 3D feel to foliage and clouds. It's perfect for environmental 

Feature Creative

Feature creative provide a more creative, almost fantasy look to any image. The images are often cropped more creatively to enhance drama.