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Every year we shoot many Weddings and Pre-wedding shoots, and while most are shot with our dedicated team we often find the work is that little bit easier when having an extra pair of hands on the day.

Assisting mainly involves helping with lighting, carrying equipment and, at certain times of the day, using a camera and capturing additional shots. Evening support is normally comprised of helping with lighting for the location evening shots and operating the photobooth. 

No experience is necessary and instructions will be provided - it's all very, very simple. There is no pressure to take any specific images, we're very clear and relaxed about that.

Please complete the form below, as it captures your contact details, details that we are required to provide to Income Tax and we can learn a little more about any prior experience you might have.

Do you have any experience of the following?
How would you describe yourself?
Do you have a job that might require you to work on a Saturday with little warning?

Thanks for submitting!

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We're looking forward to working with you.

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