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I Wish I'd Done Things Differently - A Bride's View

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

We've done a lot of weddings. We're very lucky, as we see the whole day from a different perspective, which gives us a unique opportunity to see what makes a wedding great for a couple, and what can affect it, sometimes negatively. However, we make a specific point of asking all our couples what they would recommend and what they would have done differently, when we provide them with their final images. Here's how most brides respond to this question.

I wish I hadn't worried so much about the weather

Worrying about what the weather is going to do on your big day is not going magically blow rain clouds away, and it's not going to raise the temperature to tropical conditions. You have no control over it so the best thing to do is not think about it. Two important things that our couples have learnt after the big day;

  • We have lots of umbrellas, literally loads, so we've got enough for you and your immediate bridal party, and still enough for a few guests too.

  • If it rains - we create the incredible. On days where rain played a part, our couples often preferred their rain shots over other environmental portraits that we took - rain shots really are so special.

You MUST check the flowers when they first arrive

Nothing can get the pulse racing more than when flowers are missing or not how you expecting them to look. But do not fear, this is one of the few things that can be corrected in time for the ceremony. So make a checklist for the Groomsmen & Bridesmaids so they can ensure everything is there and as expected. Ensure a Groomsman is tasked with sending through a photo of the Buttonholes and make sure a Bridesmaid is tasked with showing you a bouquet as soon as it arrives.

Things I wished I'd known about the ceremony

Turning up at the rehearsal in jeans and a t-shirt is very different to walking up the aisle with a long wedding dress and even longer veil. Thick carpet and a detailed veil can work like velcro together and we've seen a few veils get lost while Brides have walked up the aisle, over the years. Taking time to walk up the aisle can be extremely important - if you rush, your future husband may have to make do with a glimpse through your Bridesmaids that are still walking up and getting in to position.

Take time out together to look at the Reception details

One of the most common things we hear from our couples is that time together alone is very limited and they don't remember anything about the Reception details & decoration, and they wish they'd taken five minutes together during the Welcome Drinks to take a look around before all their guests piled in!

Relax on the day

Do everything you can to chill and enjoy every moment. Small details, that aren't exactly how you expected them to be or look, won't make a significant impact to your day - so don't worry about them.

Let someone else take control

You have a whole team of Bridemaids behind you, task each one with specific jobs on the day, provide a checklist with photos of how things should be, if necessary. And if you want your Bridesmaids to take it easy, why not look to get a professional to help on the day, like your wedding planner;

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