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Why Editing is so Important for your Wedding Photos

Image showing a fully edited image of a couple standing on the cliff
The finished product by Evoke Wedding Photography (Guernsey)

Your brain and eyes are wonderful. That's a very matter of fact statement, I'm not trying to flirt with you. Your eyes collect huge amounts of information and your brain gathers it together and shows you it's interpretation of that scene. You can zoom in to something specific or view everything in front of you. Basically the same things a camera can do. Only most cameras can't do that particularly well - ever taken a photo with your camera phone and it just doesn't do the scene justice? Cameras struggle to capture all the detail in a scene, especially when the lighting is poor, or there's great contrast between the bright and dark things in that scene.

Well, this may come as a surprise, but even the most expensive cameras struggle to provide an image that looks fantastic straight out of the camera and most require some form of editing. This is an essential part of the process for a wedding photographer, but sadly, often over-looked by many, as there can sometimes be a huge gap between the original captured image and what it can become. Now, let's get this straight, we're not talking photoshopping an image so it looks nothing like the original scene - we're talking about making positive changes to reflect that original scene as best as can be. Here's a perfect example from Evija & Joe's wedding in Summer 2018.

An original unedited image captured by Evoke Wedding Photography (Guernsey)
The original unedited image captured by Evoke Wedding Photography (Guernsey)

The image above preserves the colour and detail of Evija's dress and Joe's suit but the rest of the scene is in darkness and shadow. The colours are dull and muted, so the image lacks depth. This is how we want to capture the image, as it gives us the best starting point for their final image.

The edited image, captured by Evoke Wedding Photography (Guernsey)
The edited image, captured by Evoke Wedding Photography (Guernsey)

This image has been processed using Evoke's Signature style of editing. The colours are strong, the scene shows clear details, providing a feeling of depth. The scene is balanced but still allowing Evija & Joe to clearly stand out. This also allows to provide additional images like Feature Edited Images, seen below.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the many reasons why some photographers charge more than others. Just like the reception and tables decorations that you spend ages planning over - it's the attention to detail that's so important once the images leave on the night of your wedding. Besides getting your images down to a manageable amount, removing the blinks, people talking in group shots and choosing the best from a particular scene or sequence, the editing accounts for an additional 10-15 hours on top of your day. Something that some photographers choose to save by not editing with any care or attention. So when selecting your photographer, it's extremely important to understand their editing process and to see some examples of what they can provide you. It's particularly important to see examples of previous weddings that they've done, in particular the most recent ones, and to ask to see weddings in less than ideal conditions to see how they manage and cope with things like rain. Ideally you also want to see some previous galleries of weddings taken at your chosen venue, to understand how they make the most of the features and details there. Thanks for taking the time to read about a topic that is so often overlooked and please feel welcome to view our Wedding Packages or get in touch. #guernseyweddings #guernseyweddingphotographers #guernsey #weddings #evokeguernsey #evokeweddings

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